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Message from the Chairman's Desk

Message from the Principal's Desk

In ancient Vedic times, learning was a life long process and it began right from birth. In the Gurukul Education System, pupils were taught ways to live an exemplary life, to love the nature and understand the importance of courage and patriotism. This centuries-old tradition was almost forgotten when India came under the rule and influence of the Mughals and the British. Inspired by the Gurukul system of teaching to spread true knowledge, the visionary Dr. Madhusudan Sawale, made a fusion of Eastern & Western system of education by establishing Gurukul Dnyanpeeth School at Buldana.

• To provide broad based and relevant education to boys and girls between the age of 4 to 14 years, with a view to shaping them in mind, body and character so as to claim their rightful place in the modern society of an emerging superpower.
• To prepare the students to live their lives fully and successfully by imparting to them the vision of life (KNOWLEDGE).
• To instill in the students the spirit of service in all walks of life (SERVICE) and make them responsible citizens of the future.
• To make the students capable of facing challenges in life efficiently and shape their future (STRENGTH).
• To provide a balanced and goal oriented school programmes by incorporating progressive techniques, teaching learning theories and methodologies.
• To provide conducive environment to learn and follow the right values and appreciate the glory and variety of our culture (CHARACTER).

To encourage students to continuously strive for excellence in every field. To value and judicially use their freedom. To be clear and firm on principles and to be courageous. To be unselfish in the service of their fellowmen. To understand and put into practice the ideals of universal brotherhood and international understanding. To blossom as agents of needed social change in the country, and finally to help the students to become mature, spiritually oriented men of character. To work hard and produce the best result.

The gurukul dnyanpeeth school will actively and constantly promote and preserve the higher values and ethics in education and will peruse excellence in all areas to enrich our nation and humanity at large.

• Coalesce Studies with sports and spirituality.
• Be rsponsive to the student's needs.
• Student-centered school.
• Be proud to be the best at what we do.
• Maintain the heighest ethical standards befitting Indian cultural heritage.
• Anticipate and respond to perpetual changes.
• Be sensitive to improve the quality of life in the society.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony
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