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Message from the Chairman's Desk

Message from the Principal's Desk

The Physical Education Department of the School aims at the holistic development of the child. The great end of this education is to discipline rather than to furnish the mind; to train it to the use of its own powers, rather than fill it with the accumulations of others. A standard sized foot ball ground,basket ball courts, three shuttle badminton courts and a number of tables for Table tennis, Roller Skating, enhances the smooth functioning of the Department. Sports Day and several athletic related activities are conducted to emphasize on the importance of sportsman spirit.

School Bus services are available to provide a safe and reliable student transportation service to and from school. Each bus has a reliable bus attender who attends to the needs of the children.Six school bus provide transportation each day for approximately 400 students each day. The bus make two trips to accomodate the student strength. While the length of the bus route for most students is less than 30 minutes, students living in more distant areas may experience longer travel times.
BUS ROUTES: FROM SCHOOL TO Buldana, Chikhli, Malwandi and Chautha.

The schools have well furnished library and reading room. A large number of newspapers, periodicals and magazines mainly in English are available in the library. Pupils can borrow books from the library. They may read in the reading room and return the same after the library period. The students have to prepare library notes and submit the same to librarian every week. There are facilities for audio-visual education also.

The School has well-equipped and well-maintained computer labs Lab with internet connectivity round the clock. Computer education is compulsory from Std I onwards. All the faculty members are trained in digital lesson planning and Power Point Presentations under Intel Teach to the Future Programme. Senior students are encouraged to use internet and e-mail facilities under supervision.
To enhance the learning ability and skill and impart practical exposure about theoritical concepts, the school has a large number of modern laboratory systems for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, linguistic, Computer etc.

• Coalesce Studies with sports and spirituality.
• Be rsponsive to the student's needs.
• Student-centered school.
• Be proud to be the best at what we do.
• Maintain the heighest ethical standards befitting Indian cultural heritage.
• Anticipate and respond to perpetual changes.
• Be sensitive to improve the quality of life in the society.

  Wellness Center
The school has adequate facilities for Nursing care and on call doctor. Medical check-up is done twice a year for all the students.
  CCTV Cameras
All classrooms and their corridors have CCTV Cameras installed to monitor every activity of students.
  Free Remedial /Extra Coaching Classes
Remedial/Extra Coaching classes are held for classes I to VII from Monday-Saturday. Remedial classes are held for those students who are unable to score pass marks, and extra classes are held for those who wish to get extra help from our teachers to improve their performance in studies. While these classes are free of charge for students.
  School house system
The school is divided into houses and plays an important role in the school. The students get ample opportunities of taking part in the inter-house activities and competitions that draw out the manifold capabilities of the students. By this system, the students learn to take their place in the community, gradually growing in importance and usefulness, acquiring self-confidence and self-reliance, and this will gradually make them independent to assume leadership roles in the community. The sense created in a house system breeds strong and lasting bonds that are transferred to the fields outside.
The Houses are as follows
Every year, the best house is awarded a meritorious shield for their performance in academics and sports.
The faculty, both teaching and non-teaching staff, remain the strength of our institution. They connect students, parents and the public with the school’s management team. The non-teaching staff plays a vital role in the growth and development of the institution. The pivotal role played by a teacher in the classroom becomes a model for the student’s own lives. Sufficient care and serious thought have been bestowed before selecting every faculty member. We have an excellent set of well-qualified and trained teachers. Our teachers are very dedicated and caring to their wards. A student teacher ratio of 15:1 is maintained in the school to enhance personal attention and care. Teachers at gurukul dnyanpeeth School acts as facilitators thus providing our students with space and time to talk argue and negotiate amongst themselves. Our students and parents enjoy a healthy and stable one-to-one relationship with our institution.
Our classroom are lively and vibrant. The environment is merely spacious thus providing a comfortable circle. Each classroom has excellent resources for students and teachers. Students also have individual cloak facilities to store their belongings. Each child is provided with a comfortable individual desk and chair adjusted to his height. Each class also boasts of ceramic green boards placed at higher levels for the proper view of all students. Classrooms are also provided with curtains on windows to enhance digital projection. The classrooms are complemented by an extensive library, science labs, computer labs, rooms for large group activities and outdoor playgrounds.
  Information Technology
The School has well-equipped and well-maintained computer labs with internet connectivity round the clock. Computer education is compulsory from Std I onwards. All the faculty members are trained in digital lesson planning and Power Point Presentations under Intel Teach to the Future Programme. Senior students are encouraged to use internet and e-mail facilities under supervision.
Stationery items such as books, notebooks, uniform and various articles of daily use are issued to students from the school store. Towards the issue of articles from the store, parents are required to make store deposit in advance.
  General Knowledge and Value Education
The School has a well-graded scheme for imparting General Knowledge and Value Education. Two examinations in G.K. and V.E. are conducted. Students are also encouraged to appear for examinations / tests conducted by outside agencies.
A reverse osmosis plant is installed in our campus which gives pure drinking water in the campus around the clock.
  Campus Cleanliness
We believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. Our campus, classrooms, washrooms and surroundings are maintained very clean at all times.
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1Dr. Jitendra Marathe
2Mrs. Deepthypodiyan
3Mr. Parameshwar Sawale Asst.

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