GDS Premier League will held on 26th March 2023

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Message from the Chairman's Desk

Message from the Principal's Desk

Message From The Chairman's Desk

CHAIRMAN PHOTO    Schools are like temples which help enlighten the mind and behaviour of students. Teachers, on the other hand, are the artisans who shape children under their guidance. As a school, we are expected to carry out our task with dedicated responsibility. Therefore, we are commited to this noble cause and strive hard to work towards the overall development of your child. We, however, cannot carry out this task without your support and cooperation. Its success, after all depends upon your extended willingness and complete trust on us. A child spends aroound 7 hours with us, and the rest of the day under the emotional and loving care of his parents. Therefore, you as a parent play an integral role in the qualitative improvement of the child. Thus, it is only through our joint efforts that we can help the child achieve success.

   We visited a number of top grade schools in our country and learnt a lot. We wanted to emulate the purposeful standard of education they have imbibed and at the same time inculcate values that will mould our children to be a generous and responsible human being. We are thus, commited to regain the lost beauty of education of ancient India. Why can't we aim at re-living the golden period of education that prevailed in our ancient Indian Universities such as Nalanda, Takshashila and Vikramshila? Their coveted fields like science and technology, medicines, law, life skills, yoga and sports were imparted by our learned and respected Sanyasi teachers Acharyas. So, we have made a sincere attempt to adapt ourselves towards selfless contribution towards the noble cause of launching an institution for all round growth and development of its children, which will give a new dimension to our beloved motherland.

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